Our Brands

  1. Daily's Cocktails

    Ready for anything? Daily's Cocktails is America’s favorite cocktail and mixer brand, offering the very best in pre-mixed cocktails and cocktail mixers including our number-one selling Original Frozen Pouches.
  2. Little Hug

    Introduced in 1974, today's Little Hug Fruit Barrels have only 2 grams of sugar - 75% less than other leading brands - and are a good source of B & E vitamins and now come with straws for easy sipping.
  3. Big Hug

    Big Hug has all the thirst-quenching, kid-appealing taste of Little Hug, but in a larger, 16oz barrel for bigger thirsts. With only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving, Big Hug has 75% less sugar than other leading fruit drinks.
  4. Guzzler

    Guzzler is a vitamin enriched, fruit beverage that comes in a 20oz bottle with a sport cap to quench the biggest thirsts. Guzzler is made with real fruit juice and is fortified with B vitamins.


Founded as Daily Orange Juice Company, Inc. in 1960, American Beverage Corporation (ABC) began as a small company that manufactured and delivered orange juice products door-to-door in the Pittsburgh suburb of Verona, PA. As other juice flavors were added, the company name was changed to Daily Juice Products.